5 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Godfather”

1. Marlon Brando was almost the iconic character known as Don Corleone. By the time it was 1971, Brando had made a reputation for himself despite his talent and the head of the studio did not approve of Coppola’s wish to use Brando. Eventually the head of the studio agreed to have him portray Don Corleone under three conditions: Brando would have to work less than his usual salary, be financially responsible for any filming delays he caused, and do a screen test.










2. The cat Don Corleone holds in the opening scene was not scripted. Marlon Brando found the stray roaming around the set and as a lover of animals decided to add the cat to the scene. But the cat’s purring was so loud that it ruined the sound for the scene, all of Brando’s dialogue was muffled.











3. George Lucas shot some of the footage used in the final cut of the film. He and Francis Ford Coppola had been friends before they both became well known directors, this resulted in Lucas working as an assistant on The Godfather. It was his suggestion to use the newspaper inserts to show major events in the film.











4. The cinematographer, Gordon Willis, was nicknamed the “Prince of Darkness” for his work on this film. Scenes were lit to convey the feeling of wrongdoing while also providing contrast between light and dark scenes in the film. Willis later said that the lighting was also partly a result of dealing with the heavy makeup used on Marlon Brando.











5. Why were they so many oranges? The oranges have been interpreted as a symbol of death to come when they appear in scenes throughout The Godfather. According to Dean Tavoularis, the production designer, he added the oranges to provide a contrast to the dark sets.















Propulsion On The Mic: Dana Snyder

Milkshakes are dairy filled treats that people love to enjoy during the summer months. What people don’t usually think they are is lazy and pathologic liars because milkshakes can’t speak. Or at least that’s what they want us to think.

This is not the case for one particular milkshake, Master Shake. One of three main characters on the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force Master Shake is voiced by master actor Dana Snyder. The show is Snyder’s longest running credit beginning in 2000. Snyder started out getting his BFA in Theater and began a career in theater and still continues to do stage acting.

aquateenhungerforceActing, in any of the forms, is hard to break into. If he didn’t already know, Snyder must have learned that who you know in the business is more important than what you know, when he had his nontraditional audition.

“I went to college with a girl who went to high school with Dave Willis. We were in NY and he called her to ask if she knew anyone for this part for a new show, a crazy character that needed a crazy voice. So next thing I was auditioning at 3 in the morning on their voicemail answering machine and I heard back that the “voice” was exactly what they wanted”(CBS Local).


The next time you’re watching your favorite milkshake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, remember there is a man behind the Master Shake.

The Emergence of a New Age

Did anyone notice the Super Bowl ads this year and their new angle? They did a complete 180 from previous ads that primarily sold cars, half naked women, and were limited to television screens. Sunday’s 2015 ads were a culture shock for us all.

This year automotive ads did not play a big part in the Super Bowl ad games. Last year 11 car manufacturers were involved in 30 second spots during the Super Bowl; surprisingly this year only GM, Honda, Acura, Lincoln, Hyundai, and Ford secured spots for the big game. We can assume these brands did not want to pay the 4+ millions of dollars it cost to air their commercial.

Advertisers also made a more concerned effort to appeal to women. The Victoria’s Secret ad displayed their models clothed in football uniforms, giving a nod to “girl power” within a male dominated sporting event.

Every second our eyes are not on the game they’re on our devices that connect us to the rest of the world. This year included an off air showing of the halftime show on YouTube sponsored by Pepsi. Companies have realized the importance of social media and have decided to save a few bucks by not paying the millions of dollars for a spot during the Super Bowl.

Did you notice any of these differences in the Ad Games this year? If so, did you like them or should they return to its original form?
For more information check out the rest of this Time article! http://time.com/money/3681227/super-bowl-ads-2015/


One of the Highest Paid Voice Talents of All Time


Hank Azaria is a standout amongst the most acclaimed voice performing artists on the planet who has picked up many awards and honors over the years for his roles on “The Simpsons”. Many people are unaware that he is the voice behind more than one role; in fact his voice is used for the following animated characters: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Dr Nick, Snake, Comic Book Guy and others that play small parts in some episodes.

Azaria is considered to have unfathomable voice over talent because of his remarkable capacity to imitate just about any dialect in a short amount of time. In addition to lending his voice talent, he has also experienced great success in Hollywood films and TV spots earning Hank a few Emmys and even the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Although not a regular household name, this creative and talented actor is estimated to be worth over 70 million dollars (and climbing).He leads the pack in paid voice on-screen characters in the TV business, getting paid approximately $400k per scene. This almost unbelievable salary is also supplemented by occasional film appearances.

The performer was raised in New York and was exposed to the motion picture industry because his mother was a marketing publicist for Columbia Pictures. It is believed that her career has influenced his love of imitation and voice mimicking.
Azaria’s colossal wealth has allowed him to manage the cost of an exceptionally extravagant lifestyle. The performer has acquired the taste for the great life and once possessed a palatial home esteemed at $10 million in Bel Air, California. He now dwells in a chateau estimated to be worth approximately $5.5 million in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of L.A.

Hank-Azaria (1)

5 Interesting ‘ As Seen On TV ‘ Products

SeenOnTVAs the holidays approach, we are all subject to commercials demonstrating the next “must have” item, toy or product. In the spirit of this annual event, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting “As Seen on TV” products from over the years.


Tater Mitts


These gloves have been designed to make peeling a potato fast and easy. This product claims to peel potato skins with no nicks or cuts, saving you from the dreadful potato peeler. Waterproof and functional, these make a great gift.




Talking TP


This is a unique toilet paper device that allows you to personalize a message for the next person who will be “taking care of business” in the bathroom. This company markets this as being great for: Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Office Parties and more.



Perfect Bacon Bowl


The claim of this amazing product is simple: turn your bacon into a bowl. Bacon is wrapped around a form and baked in the oven and ready to be filled with anything you want. With the bacon craze nowadays, this is certainly something not seen before.




These are, without mincing words, binocular sunglasses.  Simply apply your Zoomies and you can see farther than you even imagined. The tinted eye lens protects your eyes while increasing your distance. Although it is unknown why someone would be in need of this combination, here it is.




Fat Magnet


Removing fat and cholesterol from your meals has never been easier, according to the makers of the Fat Magnet. It is advertised as detecting fat like that of a metal detector, and it is almost shaped like one too. Eating healthy has never been so much fun (or so they say). Ring in the New Year with healthier meals with the help of the Fat Magnet.



We would all like to think that the commercial production companies were not laughing while shooting some of these videos, but there is simply no way of knowing. If you are looking for a unique and bizarre holiday gift this year…you’re welcome!

Top 5 Car Commercials Viewed on YouTube

 The Force: Volkswagen Commercial Views: 60,673,591

tiny-darth-vader-uses-the-force-on-a-2012-volkswagen-passat_100339335_mThis imaginative commercial features a child dressed in a Darth Vader costume practicing his “super powers” on inanimate objects. This commercial taps the pulse of the American middle class family by merging these 3 components: cute, humorous and the audience can relate to it.


World’s Funniest Car TV Commercials Views: 3,286,903

images (3)

This is a 7 minute long compilation of some of the funniest car commercials ever aired (reportedly). These commercials consist of various spots from countries all over the world. With over 3 million views for a video as long as seven minutes, it’s quite impressive. Studies suggest that we seek out laughter as a form of distraction and entertainment.


Funny Ferrari Audi Exotic Car Rental Sexy TV Ad – Carjam TV 2013 Views: 3,191,702

download (2)

Comedy has the ability to be translated and delivered in several forms. This car rental company was able to capture the audience by establishing a storyline consisting of odd, bizarre and awkwardly funny events. With over 3 million views, it seems to have worked.



New 2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial – Music Fort Knox by GoldFish Views: 2,315,541


In just 60 seconds, this car dealership/automaker is able to create a strange perspective by incorporating cute (animals), music (attention) and wit (entertaining). The basic images do not create a story board but instead focus on abstract thought and perspective. This conceptual arrangement leaves the audience to “think”, even after it is over.



New Subaru BRZ 2013 Japan Funny Commercial – TV HD Car Show 2013 Views:1,330,648


Human emotion does not speak a language; it is a translation of thought and feeling. This automotive advertising company leads you into the life of a family and is able to invoke a series of emotional connections to them. From anger to remorse…frustration to love, you are brought in and the message is delivered.

When I Was An Intern: Part 1

Mike R headshotHe may currently be in charge of the internship program at Propulsion Media Labs, but it wasn’t too long ago that Senior Account Coordinator Mike Remp was a young PML intern himself.

While he was a hardworking and skilled intern in the spring 2004, Mike also recalls some very funny stories from that semester, many of which revolve around the fact that he was prone to minor injuries on the job. Whether it was getting hit in the head while attempting to catch a flying box, or chipping a tooth on his can of soda, he always bounced back.

On one particular occasion Mike recalls being sent to an on-location event for a client that sold orthopedic shoe inserts. This event was held at a strip mall in what is surely the sketchiest neighborhood right outside of Atlantic City. Mike’s job for the day was to walk around outside and attempt to get people to go in and have a foot scan, as well as meet former Eagles player Mike Quick. The client even gave him his own pair of orthopedic shoe inserts to wear throughout the day. Despite Mike’s efforts and the opportunity to meet Mike Quick, passers-by were not quickly convinced to go inside. Ironically, even though Mike was wearing the orthopedic shoe inserts, the event left him with debilitating back pain throughout the next day.





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#4 Lisa L.

Background: Lisa was a morning radio personality before leaving the business to concentrate full time on her voiceover career. As a radio announcer you automatically think you can be good at voiceovers; however, it takes a lot of training to be able to break free of the “announcer” delivery. She studied with several top notch voiceover coaches before she really felt confident in her ability to deliver a conversational or real person read. Lisa’s now been doing it for twenty plus years.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: She gets cast most often to deliver a warm and friendly, genuine, believable or sophisticated read. But she can also pull off a high energy retail or car spot delivery with confidence.
Additional demos: E-learningInfomercialPromos

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#5 Charlie G.

Background: Charlie graduated college with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. However, it was from an elective oral interpretation class that he received campus-wide accolades for not only his story-telling skills, but also for the diverse character voices provided as the narrator for a university recording of Dr Seuss’s “Horton Hatches the Egg”. Charlie’s career path was then set for becoming a voice actor. College was followed by experience as a writer/producer at a Florida ad agency, then as a radio and TV announcer, which led to full-time work in voiceovers. Charlie provides the voice(s) for commercials, narrations, promos, message-on-hold, or whatever a reputable business or broadcast entity may need in the way of quality voiceovers.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Compelling, warm and sincere; Charlie is “the voice actor to reach Baby Boomers.” Also, he offers lots of character voices!
Additional demos: NarrationSenior/BoomerAudiobook

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#7 Al E.

Background: Al is a 30-year veteran of the voice-over industry. A trained actor and former broadcast announcer, he has voiced and been on-camera in over 10,000 commercials throughout his career. Known for his vocal versatility and quality as well as great efficiency, ability to take direction and customer service, Al keeps sessions fun and enjoyable while delivering the goods.
How long I’ve been with PML: 10 years
Best read styles: Powerful and energetic for promos, events and live/recorded VOG. Authentic, authoritative, clean for corporate narration. Friendly, sincere, funny & warm for commercials and PSAs. Enthusiastic and exciting for sales. Fun and free for commercials and wacky projects.
Additional demos:  Narration

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#8 Marty M.

Background: Marty is probably the only person to work in the radio industry for 15 years without ever getting fired. But alas, after working as a DJ, writer, production director and comedy show host, he fired himself. Well actually, he quit to become a full time voiceover talent and commercial actor. Marty is also an inventor and was recently issued a patent by the US Patent & Trademark Office for a system that eliminates distracted driving.
How long I’ve been with PML: 9 years
Best read styles: Marty’s voice works well on energetic reads for concerts, theatrical performances, radio imaging and auto dealerships, but he’s also known for real-person deliveries for tech, financial services, hotels and hospitals.
Additional demos:  NarrationCharacterAutomotive

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#11 Melanie H.

Background: Melanie has been a professional female voice over talent and actress for over 20 years. She is truly a voice actor—a seasoned, skilled veteran of film, television, and theater who brings versatility and intuition to every session. She has voiced literally thousands of radio and television commercials, corporate narrations and training modules along with documentaries, promos, imaging, audiobooks, IVR phone prompts, and on-hold messages.
How long I’ve been with PML: 8 years
Best read styles: Her voice is rich, warm, and smooth, and in addition to providing the voice of knowledge and reason, thoughtful motherly advice, friend next door, or business woman, her repertoire includes many comedic characters and dialects.
Additional demos:  NarrationCharacterPolitical

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#12 Doug D.

Background: Doug is a most unique talent with an award winning history in two distinct voice work disciplines. Doug regularly records voice over projects for clients around the world while also performing consistently as a live event announcer – most notably (or notoriously) as the voice of monster truck shows. As a result, Doug provides his clients a skill set not typically found in voice over alone – a thoroughly experienced, well trained voice over professional combined with a live announcer’s abilities to quickly adapt and dramatize. Low maintenance and highly conscientious, Doug makes voice work easy, effective and efficient for his clients.
How long I’ve been with PML: 2 years
Best read styles: Hard sell (all the way up to monster truck), gravitas, authoritative, persuasive.
Additional demos:  NarrationImagingPromo

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#13 Jon C.

Background: Jon’s voice overs are heard daily all over the world. He has served as the signature voice for over 140 Radio & TV stations worldwide. Radio Imaging, Television Promos, Commercials, Narrations, even On Hold. Whatever the project, Jon delivers award winning polish to truly connect and meet the needs of his clients.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Jon’s voice over range: hip, natural, real, sexy, clean, clear, fresh, young, relatable, charismatic, bright, relatable, Generation X, Generation Y. He can do a regular guy read, high energy for car spots, exciting and compelling for promos, or intelligent and articulate for technical voice over presentations.
Additional demos:  TV PromoNarrationRadio imaging

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#14 Buffy O.

14 BuffyBackground: I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and it shows.  My turnaround time is second to none.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Conversational, girl next door, sophisticated, happy, approachable and empathetic.
Additional demos:  On-holdNarrationRadio imaging




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#15 Melissa F.

Background: Melissa has been a full-time voice actor working from her own professional audio studio for the past 15 years. There, she records hundreds of television and radio commercials, large e-learning courses and informational video/website narration, and voices phone IVR and auto attendant systems. You will also hear her as the narrator of dozens of audiobooks. Previously, Melissa was an award-winning, Emmy-nominated television journalist.
How long I’ve been with PML: 10 years
Best read styles: Versatile performer with “acting chops” capable of hard sell car ads that don’t sound “screamy,” .. sultry, deep deliveries .. conversational “mom/friend” read .. and enthusiastic upbeat reads.
Additional demos: Character – Narration – Political

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#18 Lisa L.

18 LisaBackground: I have a warm, knowledgeable sound that works well for commercials, narrations, and eLearning.   Medical and technical narrations are a specialty with a smart, engaging delivery style.   I’m also able to serve luxury brands with a smooth, sophisticated sound.
How long I’ve been with PML: 10 years
Best read styles: Medical and technical narration, smooth and sophisticated, warm and compassionate
Additional demos: Medical/Safety


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#19 Kelli C.

Background: Kelli has been doing voice overs for over 30 years with many different styles to choose from! She can take you from a business meeting to a luxury day spa in no time! Growing up in radio has given her a unique perspective of all aspects of what is needed to get the job done.
How long I’ve been with PML: 13 years
Best read styles: When you are looking for a female to deliver a luxury reads, the good ol’ ‘soccer mom’ read or just an honest read straight from the heart, Kelli will get you taken care of!
Additional demos: ImagingNarrationOn-Hold


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#20 Von C.

Background: He started out in 1979 as the dreaded “Client Voice”. . .then something happened. He fell in love with voice over work. . .the radio. . .and got told in no uncertain terms by Huckleberry Hound that he couldn’t read. But, armed with the tools to get better, sheer determination and a little luck . . .he now makes a living talking, sometimes whispering and more often than not. . .screaming and growling.  After more than three decades behind a microphone. . .he still loves “The Biz” as much today as he did on the first day.
How long I’ve been with PML: 13 years
Best read styles: Everything from big Arena events to soft and snuggly characters.  Deep southern drawl…to “it was a dark and stormy night” Noir.
Additional demos: Character

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#21 Eric G.

Background: Eric’s voiceover background covers promos and commercials.   He has done national commercial campaigns for Chrysler, COX Cable and Radio Shack.  His voice has been on many network promos. Eric is hired for soft compelling reads all the way to movie traileresque.   Eric is known to be a great storyteller and works as closely as possible with the writers vision to create desire to explore, buy, learn or see more.  Eric has a big voice and realizes IT is not the star of the show.  He just likes to help sell it.
How long I’ve been with PML: 3 years
Best read styles: Direct to whimsical. Announcer to friend next door.  Everything except Loud and Over the Top.
Additional demos: Promo

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#24 Joel H.

Background: Joel has been doing voiceovers longer than he cares to admit, which is surprising considering his youthful exuberance!  Started in radio, taught audio production and copywriting at the University of Florida, has been freelancing for around 20 years as the crow flies.  Makes a living talking, can you believe it?
How long I’ve been with PML: Forever (or at least it seems that way)
Best read styles: Most of my work is energetic, clear, accessible.  I do a lot of Explainer Videos, Medical Narrations, Commercials of all types, and VO’s for interactive installations.
Additional demos: Automotive – On Hold – Explainer


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#25 Cindy W.

Background: Chances are you’ve heard Cindy’s voice before! She’s been heard around the country on radio and television commercials, narrations, video games and TV promos. With her unique and spirited voice, you can feel confident that you will be pleased with the final result!
How long I’ve been with PML: 1 year
Best read styles: Cindy possesses a unique, fun, energetic, child-like voice (which can be manipulated to suit a more mature sound as well!) Her voice has been described as playful, quirky, cheerful, bubbly, confident and enthusiastic!
Additional demos:  Narration


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#27 Alyson S.

Background:  Alyson is a graduate of the original High School of Performing Arts in NYC and she’s studied in LA with the best in the Voice Over Industry. She’s been working professionally as a VO artist for the last 15 years.
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Teenager to a woman in her 40’s. Warm, sexy, smooth, hot, hip, retail, sultry, raspy, professional, fun, girl next door, conversational, upbeat, friendly, teen, mom, hard sell and soft sell. Impersonations include an uncanny Fran Drescher as “The Nanny” and many others. Dialects include New York, British, Italian, French and Southern.
Additional demos: PromoNarrationImaging

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#29 Ira L.

Background:  Ira has 25 years of voicework excellence under his belt. He has voiced thousands of commercials and narrations, including many national campaigns.
How long I’ve been with PML: 10 years
Best read styles: Unique, believable, and he is known for his ability to make complex scripts relatable.
Additional demos: NarrationNon-AnnouncerWarm



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#31 Chris R.

Background: Chris has been a voice talent for 20 years, and his 2 dogs seem to like the fact that he’s now working full-time from his professional-quality home studio all day, voicing countless commercials, web narrations, and more!
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Guy next door, cool and modern, hard-sell, fun and energetic
Additional demos: CorporatePromoCharacter



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#33 Heather C.

Background: Heather has over a decade of experience behind the mic as a voice-over actor. With a Bachelor’s in Vocal Performance, she has mastered the skills needed to convey a natural, realistic delivery that is relatable and engaging. She operates from her broadcast-quality, ISDN equipped studio, where she has recorded thousands of voice-overs.
How long I’ve been with PML: 6 years
Best read styles: Heather provides a perfect blend of youthful, bright and bubbly with a warm, motherly tone – a natural, confident delivery from your best friend next door to the corporate professional.
Additional demos:  Narration

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#37 Mitch P.

Background:  National and International Voice actor providing highly effective and recognizable reads for over 20 years.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Believable, Fun, Energy, Movie Trailer.
Additional demos: AutomotiveTV Promos

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#38 Sally E.

Background:  Sally has been working professionally as a VO artist for the past 25 years.  She continues to voice commercials, on-hold messages, and corporate.  Medical terminology is a specialty.
How long I’ve been with PML: 10+ years
Best read styles: Warm, friendly, upbeat, real-person and mom.
Additional demos: NarrationOn Hold




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#46 Gale V.

Background:  20 years of major market voiceover experience. Versatile, directable, easy to work with. Top quality home studio, available on short notice, fast turnaround. A consummate actress, with scores of credits from film and TV, Gale has the ability to embody the character you want like nobody else.
How long I’ve been with PML: 8 years
Best read styles: Warm, knowledgeable, real, inviting, conversational, believable, friendly, genuine, upbeat, upscale, smooth, fun, classy, authoritative, professional, silky, sultry, energetic, dynamic, dramatic, playful, educated, humorous, sexy, smart, sassy, bubbly, classic! Great storyteller!
Additional demos: NarrationPhone/IVRReal Person

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#50 Tom R.

Background: Tom’s done hundreds of projects, from national (Sucrets; Luciano Pavarotti; a 2008 Democratic presidential candidate) to local, and everything in between.
How long I’ve been with PML: 14 years
Best read styles: Tom’s warm voice is perfect for storytelling, politicals, and narrations.
Additional demos: PoliticalNarration



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#51 Chris R.

Background: Chris’s passion has always been voice acting and he specializes in characters. His voice has been heard on countless local, regional and national radio and TV commercials. Chris has also been featured on numerous video games and television shows.There’s hardly a style he hasn’t voiced from On Hold Messages to Medical Narration and everything between.
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Characters, real person, upbeat, fun, warm, humorous, friendly, storyteller.
Additional demos:  Natural/AnnouncerNarrationCharacter


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#57 Ed B.

Background: I’ve been in broadcasting for over 25 years. I’ve worked up and down the east coast at several different radio stations. Once I discovered the production studio, I was hooked. Radio imaging and commercial production was my thing for over 15 years. I now work on the TV promo side and love it. My experience producing and voicing radio and tv promos definitely gives me an edge in the voiceover world.
How long I’ve been with PML: 8 years
Best read styles: I think conversational and real is my best delivery. Upbeat and energetic is another strong style and my TV promo/Radio imaging delivery is also strong. I believe I am pretty versatile and love the challenge of nailing the right read for a client.
Additional demos:  AutomotiveCommercialPromo

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#62 Chad E.

Background: Uploading vo’s daily from his New England studios.
How long I’ve been with PML: 7 years
Best read styles: Upbeat, Friendly, Hardsell, GenX, Real, Confident, dude next-door
Additional demos: n/a





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#63 Jon S.

Background: I live and work in Southern California, where I own and operate a recording studio with Skype and Phone Patch connectivity. My voice is also widely-known in the video game industry.
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Trailers, Promos, Imaging, Narration, Hard Sell.
Additional demos:  TrailersConcertSports-Talk Imaging



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#64 Brian K.

Background:  In the broadcast industry since 1981 including 15 years in radio both on air and as a production manager. Voiced over 25,000 spots and narrations, probably more. Many more.
How long I’ve been with PML: 8 years
Best read styles: Medical and technical narration and automotive
Additional demos:  MedicalAutomotive




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#65 Melanie T.

Background: Melanie brings to the studio over 15 years of experience voicing commercials, radio/tv imaging, narration, and pretty much anything that needs a professional voice.  While she’s a natural at interpreting copy, she also knows how and when to take direction. As the mother of two little ones, she pulls off the “Mom” read quite well, but she’s also your go-to girl for fun, hip, sultry reads too.
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Genuine, warm, confident, funny, smooth, caring, sexy, mature, and professional are a few ways to describe her deliveries, but when the situation calls for it, she can belt out monster truck spots like nobody’s business!
Additional demos: Narration – On Hold

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#68 Gina R.

Background: A 20 year voicing career full of rich, exciting, results-producing projects.
How long I’ve been with PML: 11 years
Best read styles: A voice for authentic, approachable, real person conversational reads or excited, spry, smile reads.
Additional demos:  n/a




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#73 Armando P.

Background: For more than 40 years, Armando has been one of the most sought after Spanish v/o’s in America.
How long I’ve been with PML: 18 years
Best read styles: Elegant, warm, natural and friendly, neutral Spanish Voice.
Additional demos:  E-LearningNarration




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#74 Johnny G.

Background:  As a veteran Voice Talent and producer, Johnny has been involved on the creative side of radio & television production in the Midwest for over 30 years. A full-time Voice Actor since 2006, his professional Pro Tools studio has been allowing him to service his clients from all over the globe.
How long I’ve been with PML: 11 years
Best read styles: Johnny’s warm & ageless signature style allows him to deliver in a variety of formats. Specializing in Explainer Videos, narrations and commercial radio/TV branding, he sports a natural, “real” delivery that brings a script to life.
Additional demos:  NarrationPromo


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#75 Jodina S.

Background: Jodina’s career has spanned the dial from radio to TV host. As a voice over artist she can be heard on TV and radio commercials, radio imaging, TV promos, message on-hold, video games, and also hosts a radio show.
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Authentic, genuine, warm, husky, sexy, upbeat, believable, educated, dramatic
Additional demos:  PromosImaging



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#77 Cliff S.

Background: Cliff is a Hollywood actor and voice artist. In addition to almost 35 years behind the microphone, Cliff has appeared in film, television, stage productions, music videos, commercials and even stand-up comedy. Since 1980, Cliff has provided professional voiceovers for a multitude of applications. Producers appreciate Cliff’s acting abilities and different voices he provides for animation. Plus, he is often hired for technical narration because very little editing is required, and as a Television Imaging Voice, Cliff has worked for a number of network affiliates. Some say that Cliff sounds, and even looks, a little like Jeff Bridges.
How long I’ve been with PML: 18 years
Best read styles: He has a big, deep, rich voice for luxury automotive ads, and can also be an intimate storyteller.
Additional demos:  NarrationCharacter

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#78 David L.

Background: National syndicated radio imaging voice for both professional and college football as well as college basketball.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: From the most insane “monster truck madness” hard sells known to mankind, to soft and sexy, as well as spine tingling movie trailer drama, and warm and friendly.
Additional demos: ImagingPromo




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#82 Anne V.

Background: Married, with a dog and a cat (who make it their goal EVERY DAY to interrupt my recording with some sort of drama or ruckus.) I chose voice-over after a long career in radio, and I love the fun creative decisions I get to make every single day.
How long I’ve been with PML:  Best read styles: Friendly, upbeat, sexy. I’m becoming known for my satire-style IVR’s lately.
Additional demos: IVRE-LearningImaging



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#83 Margo Z.

Background: Margo stepped behind the mic full-time six years ago, blending communication and promotional skills she honed as a TV publicist/writer for NBC and Nickelodeon with top-flight voiceover and acting training. Since then, she has amassed a long, wide-ranging list of commercial, narration and e-Learning credits.
How long I’ve been with PML: 1 year
Best read styles: A versatile performer with a conversational, trustworthy, mature voice, Margo’s the mom or neighbor next door, the business pro, doctor or nurse, sultry siren or sophisticate, announcer or storyteller. She’s adept at warm and caring, knowledgeable, soft sell and upbeat reads.
Additional demos: NarrationE-LearningAutomotive

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#88 Wallace P.

Background: Spanish dialect from Latin America. Commercials, promos, documentaries, audio books, and IVR.
How long I’ve been with PML: 2 years
Best read styles: Energetic soft and silky at the same time.
Additional demos:  SportsNarrationImaging




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#92 Lani M.

Background:  Lani has had decades of experience as a voice actor, on air morning drive radio personality, actor, director, casting director and writer.
Her 4 octave range voice has been used in over 500 titles worldwide in every genre. She is not just another announcer, but a unique voice actor who is full of new surprises every time. Fun, fast and caring a great deal about bringing the best creativity and results, Lani is sure to give you the very best results guaranteed!
How long I’ve been with PML: 12 years
Best read styles: Can do any age, accent, gender, creature, animal. Also can do any style from smooth, sexy, sassy, conversational to tough, textured, energetic, convincing, sharing a secret and captivating.
Additional demos: CommercialTutorialVideo Games

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#94 Juan H.

Background:  A Spanish and English voice talent that has a warm, elegant, deep, sexy, fun, smooth, sweet, warm, confident, but also can do individualistic, egocentric, comical, pleasant, guy next door voices, with a Spanish neutral accent. A native Spanish voice over talent from Bogota, Colombia with one of the purest and neutral accents. Juan can also do different Colombian dialects, Mexican,  or Spaniard. He can also do different voices, characters and tones.
How long I’ve been with PML: 7 years
Best read styles: Juan specializes in TV and Radio Promos, TV and Radio Commercials, Documentaries, Audio Books, Educational Videos, e-learning, Training, Corporate Narration, Broadcast Narration, Radio Station Imaging, TV Station Imaging & On-Hold messaging.
Additional demos: Character – Corporate – English w/ Accent

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#96 Chris R.

Background: Born and raised in the Southeast, Chris traveled up and down the east coast for 20 years during his radio days. Now settled in back near his hometown, Chris works out of his state of the art home studio.
How long I’ve been with PML: 4 years
Best read styles: From hard sell monster truck and auto commercials to the conversational guy next door.
Additional demos: AutomotiveNarrationOn Hold



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#97 Duke M.

Background: Started out as an actor- moved to Radio then landed a full time job on staff as national TV promo Voice. Voiced everything from drama to cartoons.
How long I’ve been with PML: 15 years
Best read styles: Hard Sell, medium just talking to you and soft n’sexy like deep rich chocolate.
Additional demos: AutomotiveCharacter



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#98 Roch B.

Background: Full time voice talent since 1994.
How long I’ve been with PML: 6 years
Best read styles: Sports, authoritative, corporate.
Additional demos:  AutomotiveCharacterSports





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#100 Keith F.

Background: Seasoned VO Pro with automotive experience with: Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Chevrolet, KIA, VW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Hyundai, & Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM.
How long I’ve been with PML: 3 years
Best read styles: A commercial ‘junky’ hooked mostly on Hard-Sell, Characters, and Soft-Sell automotive & retail.
Additional demos: Character

5 Celebrity Speaking Styles Used For Branding in TV Ads


  • The Average American John Goodman (Roseanne)           

Dunkin’ Donuts chose this actor as the spokesman for their brand because they felt he was relatable to the working class customer. Because of his character and profession (plumber) on Roseanne, Dunkin’ determined his tone would translate to the “average American” perfectly.










  • Worldly Smart Guy David Duchovny (Californication)

David was featured in commercials for two big companies: Pedigree and Sprint. His raspy yet smooth way of talking is both calming and commanding at the same time. We will surely be hearing more from him in years to come.




  • The Life of the PartyJohn Corbett (Sex and the City)

This actor has a way of making you feel like a friend, speaking in a casual but direct manner. Applebee’s has employed John to be the “man’s man” in their TV spots.  His message presents the bar and restaurant as the neighborhood hangout.

images (1)









  • Rich and Classy- Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile)

BMW broke the mold by hiring a woman to represent their brand. It is important to note that nearly all other car commercials currently feature a man. Patricia’s sophisticated style is sweet but regal and offers a sense of elegance that the brand was counting on.





  • Cool  and Nonchalant-George Clooney (E.R)

Mr. Clooney has been the male voice over talent behind numerous promotional television ads, but most famous for his Budweiser ads. He influences the audience with the ability to make things sound and look “cool”. George can woo the ladies and make the men want to be his friend.


Converting TV Audience Into A Customer


commercial production

Converting a television watching audience into a customer is the direct result of a creative commercial production. Making someone stop and pay attention to your message instead of flip through the channels can be a challenge for many businesses. From writing scripts, casting voice talent, adding graphics and music, there is much to consider.

4 Helpful Tips: Convert TV Audience Into Customers


Consider Quality:

Often commercials (especially for local television) are attempted by the You Tubers and wedding video hobbyists of the world. Do not allow your advertising to be the one that is talked about because of the poor quality and comical setting. Grabbing attention is one thing, but not at the expense of your business. Presenting yourself in a professional way will add to the confidence and security of your customers. Poor quality gives off a sense of poor service and poor business and customers do not want to associate themselves with such.

Preparing a Plan:

It is important to determine your marketing objectives and ultimate goals when planning a way to deliver your message effectively. It is important to identify your marketing campaign and targeted audience. When preparing a message or ad, keep in mind the customer base you are attempting to reach, this is a helpful technique for many businesses.

Role Play:

Play out the script, storyboard or idea. Oftentimes things seem better logically then they actually play out.  Take the time to convey your message without getting caught up in lengthy descriptions or long winded explanations. Simple and direct messages should be the ultimate goal.


Decide on a location for your advertisement or message. Some TV spots are better suited for the studio, while others focus around a particular location. Deciding on a location is important, but should be considered after deciding on a plan of action/message.


Click here to view sample spots